Ways of Knowing Course Fellow Position

Ways of Knowing (HUM/STC 250)

Course Fellow Job Description
Summer 2021

Freshman Scholars Institute: Program Overview

FSI is a seven-week summer program that allows a cohort of entering students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Freshman Scholars take the for-credit, humanities seminar Ways of Knowing (WOK), and work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines and fields. They also have the opportunity to engage with fellow scholars in a robust range of co-curricular and community-building activities. By experiencing early the many resources that Princeton has to offer, Freshman Scholars have the chance to prepare themselves to be future campus leaders and peer mentors. 

Given the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, FSI will be held entirely online this summer, and all students, faculty, and staff, including Course Fellows, will work remotely. WOK will contain weekly asynchronous components accessible through Canvas, and the seminar will meet via Zoom twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Course Fellow role in FSI will begin on June 27th and conclude on August 13th. 

Ways of Knowing Course Fellow: Position Description

Course Fellows are experienced peers learners who work with students enrolled in HUM/STC 250 Ways of Knowing. Fellows facilitate students’ examination of course texts and assist students in brainstorming their own analytic responses to these texts. In particular, Course Fellows help introduce students to critical reading, thinking, and writing methods, as well as strategies for successfully approaching complex and long-term assignments. Each Course Fellow will be embedded in a section of Ways of Knowing, receiving mentorship and guidance from the Ways of Knowing instructor. Fellows will work consistently with students in that section, facilitating small group Text Labs, contributing and helping moderate forum discussions, and leading individual conferences. Course Fellows are not preceptors, and so not have grading responsibility. Fellows will receive training from the Freshman Scholars Institute’s Inclusive Pedagogy Symposium once per week, and ongoing guidance and support from their seminar instructor. 



Ways of Knowing Course Fellows will gain:

  • Compensation at $20/hour, with the expectation of ~25 hours/week.
  • Mentorship from FSI staff and Ways of Knowing instructors
  • Intensive and inclusive pedagogical training in reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills
  • Teaching experience with a diverse undergraduate population

Commitment: ~25 hours/week



Pre-FSI Commitment

FSI Course Fellows should plan to spend approximately 5 hours per month preparing for FSI in April and May on the following activities:

  • Attending professional development trainings and staff meetings 
  • Communicating with and disseminating information to accepted Freshman Scholars

FSI Program Commitment

Course Fellows should plan to spend 25 hours per week on the following responsibilities: 

  • Attending and participating in FSI training on June 23 and 24, including any necessary prep work.
  • Attending and helping to facilitate FSI Orientation between June 26-28.
  • Becoming familiar with all readings and asynchronous components of WOK at least one week prior to FSI students’ engagement with them.
  • Meeting weekly on Mondays with WOK instructor to plan upcoming instruction and debrief recent work.
  • Attending regular Tuesday/Thursday WOK class sessions and supporting WOK instructors in their lesson plans.
  • Attending Wednesday colloquium.
  • Scheduling and leading three or four Text Lab discussions per week with small groups of WOK students.
  • Actively participating and helping moderate each of three weekly Canvas discussion forums.
  • Writing teaching reflections describing pedagogical methods utilized during Text Labs and one-on-one conferences.
  • Attending and participating in ongoing professional development trainings and meetings.
  • Providing additional mentorship, curricular, and co-curricular support to Freshman Scholars as needed.
  • Attending and helping to facilitate FSI Reorientation, dates TBD in August.



  • Mature undergraduate students possessing advanced critical reading and writing skills, along with a passion for teaching and mentoring.
  • Students who have taken HUM/STC 250 in previous summers, as well as current Princeton Writing Center Fellows, are particularly encouraged to apply. 

The deadline to apply is March 22, 2021 via the following link: https://forms.gle/jPp9J8v44uonCRdx7.