Workshops and Events

In order to help fellows navigate the demanding expectations of their academic, professional and personal lives, SIFP staff and faculty provide a great number of fun, exciting and educational workshops and events. Here are some of our most popular workshops:

A workshop on letters of recommendation.



Academic Life

To help students better understand and navigate the academic culture of the University,  SIFP administrators design and lead workshops about the demands and expectations of academic life.

Fellowships 101 (with the Office of Fellowships Advising)
It’s a common misconception that students aren’t competitive for fellowships. Come learn about the culture of fellowships, why you should apply and which one may be right for you at this special event!
*Frosh, soph and juniors encouraged to attend!

How to Write a Personal Statement
Do you need to write a personal statement for a fellowship, internship or scholarship application? Check out sample personal statements that have landed SIFPeeps great opportunities in the past! In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to learn what makes for a compelling statement and begin drafting.
Frosh and sophomores especially encouraged to attend!
*A SIFP event!

The 411 on Letters of Rec
Letters of recommendation are key to opening up professional and academic opportunities for you. But you have to know how to cultivate faculty relationships, ask for letters and manage your recommenders effectively. Come hear from SIFP Faculty Fellows to learn tips for getting the best letters of recommendation!
*A SIFP event!

“I went to the How to Write a Personal Statement workshop, which taught me how to write a personal statement and the variation that there is within personal statements. At the time, I was working on my IIP applications and I wasn't sure how to structure my personal statement and how it should differ from the ones I wrote during the college application process." – Krystal Vera ‘20

“I chose to attend “How to Write a Research Proposal.” Originally, I thought I would just need it for the Streiker Fellowship, but I realized that I would need to write a proposal that fits with the program's mission I want to work with. With this workshop I learned how to think through a question for a research proposal. I learned that it had to be clear and focused so I could have a direct proposal. I also learned that there is a certain amount of research that has to be done in order for me to come up with a research question that is unique and relevant.” – Olivia Parker ‘19

Fellowships 101 showed me the importance of really reaching out and seeking every opportunity to find funding. It's also showed me how good contact with possible professors might be an avenue through which more information and opportunities can be acquired. I definitely used to think fellowships were this form of mysterious, more "adult" type of scholarships that I wouldn't be able to apply for. I'm glad now to know otherwise.” – Jordan Brown ‘18

The Hidden Curriculum

SIFP also hosts sessions that help students to decode the hidden curriculum of institutions of higher education.

The Art of Emailing

Have you ever started an email to a professor with “Hey”? Do you treat email like your own private text messaging platform? It’s time to whip those emails into shape! Now that the semester has begun, you’ll find yourself in regular contact with professors, preceptors, Directors of Studies and College Deans. A well-crafted email can help open doors, but it’s a tricky business. Come learn how to craft the perfect email for any audience, workshop with other students and leave with email drafts ready to send.

Frosh are encouraged to attend!
*A SIFP event!

How to Speak Prof-o-saurus

In the academic wild, there is a strange animal called “Prof-o-saurus.” They have odd habits, rituals and rites of passage; they exhibit peculiar modes of dress and speak a strange language of grunts and abstractions. Do you know how to approach a prof in the wild (aka: when walking around campus)? Have you ever encountered a prof in their natural habitat (aka: after class or in Office Hours)?  Do you know to “speak prof”? Come learn how to approach the elusive Prof-o-saurus, build a relationship and clear the way to learn about awesome academic opportunities!
*Frosh are encouraged to attend!
*A SIFP event!

How to “Do” Precept
Did you have a lot to contribute to conversation in high school but suddenly find yourself nervous in precept? Do you find it hard to get your ideas across among a group of other eager Princeton students?  Come learn useful techniques to engage in precepts and other Princeton social spaces with confidence from Dr. B!
*Frosh and sophomores especially encouraged to attend!
*A SIFP event!

“I think that "How to Speak Prof-o-saurus" has helped me communicate better, which is an essential skill in Princeton and beyond. I also found that so far in my Princeton experience I've needed to communicate with professors and faculty more than ever before. Since I've never really had this many academic challenges in the past, I never learned to reach out as much as I currently do. I viewed the main purpose of the event as trying to erase the intimidating stigma associated with professors.” – Emmanuel Teferi ‘20

“I chose to attend The Art of Emailing because I wanted to improve my e-mailing skills. I receive many e-mails a day, and I wish to know how I could respond to those e-mails in an adequate manner. Furthermore, inhabiting the world of technology, I feel that e-mailing is one of the many ways to cultivate a relationship with a student, professor, or administrator. I wish to understand how I should compose e-mails to give recipients a good impression of me to develop meaningful relationships.” – David Cordoba ‘20

“I was really struggling in POL 345 precept for about the first half of the semester, but the second half after fall break I started to do better, but still wasn't where I wanted to be. I thought How to “Do” Precept could help me get to optimal performance in precept. I know I will have more precepts in the future, so understanding how to be confident and prepared is essential. For a little while I sat in the back and tried to avoid being called on, but after a while I knew that wasn't sustainable, so I fixed my technique. This really gave me some insight on how to alter my technique.” – Jordan Stallworth ‘20

Professional Development

SIFP encourages students to explore and pursue interests outside the classroom by providing professional development workshops.

Resume Wreckers
It’s time to apply for summer internships, fellowships, and jobs! Are you looking to workshop a resume or just looking for some advice on how to get started? Then come on down as Dr. Barton leads you through a resume wrecking (and rebuilding) workshop! Bring a draft of anything you’ve got as we
A frosh/sophomore event!
*A SIFP event!

Cover Letter Workshop
Need a cover letter for a job, fellowship or summer internship? Join Dr. Barton for this cover letter workshop! We’ll look at sample cover letter, identify the key components of strong letters, and begin brainstorming professional experiences that you can use in your cover letters. Bring a copy of your resume to help you get started!
*A SIFP event!

So You Think You Can Network!
What is networking and how do you do it? Dr. Barton will lead you through short networking exercises to help you polish your social skills, engage in productive conversation and learn how to “pitch” your story in 30 seconds or less.                  
All are welcome, especially juniors and seniors!
*A SIFP event!

Design Your Own Summer Enrichment Opportunity! (with Career Services)
Want to gain professional skills this summer but didn’t get into the summer program of your choice? Don’t stress – it’s always possible to create your own opportunity! Come hear from Career Services representatives about how to explore fields and industries of interest, connect with alumni and other professionals in your hometown, and create both short- and long-term shadowing opportunities, volunteer positions, internships, and more!

“Every Princeton student needs a resume, but also every student ends up needing to use the resume. Going to Resume Wreckers helped me to update my resume, learn what was relevant and what wasn't, and the proper wording to further strengthen the resume to help me stand out as I apply to all the different opportunities I have applied for.” – Tea Wimer ‘19

“In the transition from high school to college, there is no class that teaches you how to apply for jobs, internships, and positions. I am glad that the Cover Letter workshop was available and Dr. Barton was able to provide attendees with the proper etiquette for writing cover letters. I believe that I can make my application more competitive using this knowledge.” – Edgar Preciado ‘17

“In Networking 102: Thank You Notes!, Dr. Barton clearly articulated when and how to write letters of appreciation. I realized that I had not been employing this practice before, and now that I understand that thank you letters are necessary to not only show gratitude but also to build future networking, I will definitely improve this at Princeton and beyond. For instance, I will reach out to my faculty adviser, a career services representative, and my high school teachers who wrote recommendations for me!” – Hamza Mahmood ‘20

Life Skills

SIFP works closely with a variety of campus centers and programs to provide fellows with workshops about important life skills, supporting them and providing valuable guidance as they enter adulthood.

Mentorship 101
All of us need mentors at each stage of our life, but assembling and marshalling your mentors can be tricky. Who do I call on for what? When and how often? Join Dr. Barton for a discussion and interactive workshop in which we explore best practices for finding mentors, cultivating relationships, and mobilizing your mentors!
*A SIFP event!

Navigating Student Finance$ (with the Office of Financial Aid)
Have questions about budgeting?  Want to learn more about funding sources on campus?  Looking for a campus jobs or need to apply for a credit card? Come hear from representative of the Financial Aid Office discuss all these important topics.

Going Home: Managing the Stress of Home Life (with Counseling and Psychological Services)
Is Fall Break the first time you’ll be returning home since leaving for college? Are you wondering how to balance spending time with family and getting work done? Are you worried about the transition back home after so many weeks away at school? Join CPS counselors as we talk through some of the unique challenges of going home when you’re the first in your family to attend college.

Mindfulness, Community and Action (with the Davis International Center)

Do you have immediate concerns about your own immigration status or the status of family members? Join this group to: come together for group sharing and emotional support; dedicate time to self-care through meditation and mindfulness; and strategize about legal and logistical resources.  *Please note that we expect that all attendees to keep the identities of one another confidential in order to ensure that each student feels comfortable being present in the space.

“From learning to manage the stress of going home to overcoming procrastination, the various workshops throughout the semester helped me become more aware of the types of resources Princeton has on campus and how best to utilize them.” – Kauribel Javier ‘19

“SIFP has proven a great resource for guidance during my time thus far at Princeton. The various informational events, including the Managing Student Finances event and the IIP Info Session, have helped me plan how to effectively make the most of my time as a student and, with the case of the former event, even helped me avoid potential student pitfalls such as spending too much money.” – Jared Lockwood ‘19

“I've always known that mentors are super important, but I didn't know how to get what I need/require out of my mentors Mentorship 101, showed me that we have a number of different mentors in our lives, from financial mentors to academic mentors. Some mentors can offer us advice and help across a broad range of areas in our lives, others will only be helpful for one specific area. Now I have identified what mentors I have for particular areas of my life and what mentors I still need to find. Now that I have identified who my mentors are and what advice they can offer me, I feel more confident approaching these mentors.” – Kerri Davidson ‘19

Networking Events

SIFP hosts networking events throughout the academic year that bring fellows together with peers, graduate students, faculty, and alumni!

Monthly Tea and Talk Series
Join SIFP Faculty Fellows every month as they lead lively, informal discussions about a short reading of their choice! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to know a Princeton professor who’s eager to meet you!

Spring Graduate Student Mocktail Mixer
Have you ever wondered what graduate school is like? Join us for mocktails and mixing at this graduate student event! You’ll have the opportunity to meet graduate students from a wide range of fields and departments and discuss what life on the M.A. and/or Ph.D. track is like!

Annual Alumni Holiday Mixer
It’s time for our annual end of the year holiday mixer! Come out and meet Princeton alumni, make a great connection, and stay in touch with your new mentor!

Appetizers and refreshments will be served!


Events about networking, going home, and pursuing graduate degrees have allowed me to interact with other SIFP students and to learn more about the resources available at Princeton to reach out to alumni and to careers services in order to develop a career path.” – Elshaddai Ephrem ‘16

“I am not a "networking" type of person. I have told a lot of people that I rarely decide to attend events like the Alumni Holiday Mixer because the conversations I am having do not seem genuine. However, this event exceeded my expectations! I spoke to professors who work in areas I am interested in, as well as students and alumni!” – Maria Jose Solorzano ‘20