Mentorship Group

Each week, upperclass Head Fellows paired with a Faculty Fellow lead small, precept-style discussions about issues that first-generation, low-income students face at the University. These mentorship groups are a safe space that encourage openness, thoughtfulness and reflection. SIFP Fellows find solace when sharing struggles, and joy when sharing small triumphs with their peers and friends.

A group of SIFP Fellows socializing.Three SIFP Fellows.Two SIFP Fellows at Thanksgiving.

What students have to say:

  • “I have found comfort and support in the monthly mentorship group that we are placed in and I have found that I have made more meaningful friendships which have added to my life at Princeton.” – Patricia Beltran-Cortez ‘19
  • “Through monthly mentorship meetings, I was able to learn about the experiences of other first-gen students, who gave me a broader perspective as to what it means to be the first in your family to go to college. Although our low-income status made it easy to understand and bond with one another, I found that there were challenges that not all of us could relate with, such as losing a parent, becoming homeless, or coping with undocumented status. Despite our differences, we still managed to support one another on a personal and academic level.” – Andres Castillo-Quintana ‘18
  • “Of all the components of SIFP, the monthly mentorship group has proven the most beneficial for me. The monthly mentorship group provides me with an outlet to talk out any stress or concerns I may have in an environment that I know is warm and welcoming to what I have to say. Some of the friends I have made through my SIFP mentoring group and the insights they have given me have made a big impact on my life as a student at Princeton. I look forward to continuing to spend time with my mentoring group.” – Jared Lockwood ‘19