Fun and Community

SIFP seeks to foster a tight-knit community of peers and friends by providing plenty of opportunities to relax, connect and get to know one another. Road-trips, day-trips, and fun-filled extracurricular events offer SIFP Fellows a chance to build relationships and unwind.

SIFP Fellows bundled up on an intersession trip to Niagara Falls.SIFP Fellows pose at water's edge at Niagara Falls. SIFP Fellows at the top of the Art Museum steps in Philadelphia. SIFP Fellows partake of a Thanksgiving meal. SIFP Fellows helping themselves at a celebratory dinner.SIFP Fellows dressed in green on Saint Patrick's Day.


Student testimonials

  • “Overall, I’ve found that SIFP has been especially helpful in making the social transition to the university, as many of my closest friends at Princeton are also SIFP fellows. The mentorship group meetings furthered this, allowing me to interact with another group of individuals on a relatively consistent basis, thereby expanding my social circle.” – Austin Ferrenti ‘19
  • “It is worthwhile to have the support system that the Scholars Institute Fellows Program offers from the monthly dinners and the amazing people involved. For me, finding these great friends is an incredibly important part of making Princeton work for me because it creates an environment where I feel at home.” – Anna Bogdan ‘19