FLI Student Office Hours

Connect with a first-gen/low-income student from our programs to learn more about resources on campus and ask any questions you have! Office hours are featured from April 28-May 3 at 5PM EST. Zoom link HERE

You can see the different scheduled office hours below along with a brief bio on our featured students. 

Interested in learning more about resources and opportunities for first-gen/low-income students at Princeton? Email us at sifp@princeton.edu and get connected to one of our staff members!

OH Graphic

Hilcia, Austin, and Madison

FLI First-Years Austin Davis, Hilcia Acevedo, and Madison Mellinger are hosting open "office hours" on Wednesday, April 29th, at 5PM EST. If you want to talk about cities, social justice work as a student, being FLI, or Princeton in general, make sure to login to their office hours!

Claire graphic


Connect with FLI Tiger Claire Orare '21 at 5PM EST on Saturday, May 2nd! Claire studies Chemical & Biological engineering and can answer questions on student orgs, the African Music Ensemble, being FLI, or Princeton in general! Zoom link in graphic. 

Janet OH

FLI Tiger Janet You '21 is hosting office hours on Thursday, April 30th, at 5PM EST. Janet is a junior from NYC and is pre-med in the EEB (ecology and evolutionary biology) department. On campus, she is a SIFP head fellow and volunteer at the Princeton hospital. Janet is also actively involved in the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students and works at the Princeton Teacher Prep Office for her campus job. Her hobbies include trying to find cheap vacation plans, making Spotify playlists, and rewatching her favorite tv shows over and over again. 

Hannah and Jeremy


Connect with FLI First-Years Jeremy Bernius '22 and Hannah Faughnan '23 today at 5PM EST! You can talk about being pre-med, researching with professors, internships, being FLI, or Princeton in general! Zoom link in graphic. 

Kelton graphic


Connect with FLI Tiger Kelton Chastulik ‘21 TODAY at 5PM EST! Kelton is an FSI alum and RCA. He can answer questions on the Student Volunteer Council, being a student athlete, being FLI, or Princeton in general! Zoom link in graphic.