Always Ask Questions with Austin

"No question is a dumb question. College is a life-changing experience. I cannot sugarcoat the difficulties that come with picking your life and settling down into an unfamiliar context, even if it’s a block away from your home. You will be living there. You will deal with its policies, faculty, administration, and whatever else comes with that university. You will see its surrounding community and the relationship the university. As I have said, this one single question of “Where do I go?” has wrapped up in its millions of questions. And since you will be diving headfirst into a new territory, ask these questions if you are even a smidge unsure! You are not a burden or bothersome; you are trying to figure out what is comfortable for you and you only. That’s what is one of the most important things when it comes to picking a college. That being said, pleasure feel free to email me any other question you have about the process, Princeton, or really anything at" - Austin Davis '23