Staff & Faculty Fellows

SIFP Staff and Faculty Fellows are embedded in each Mentorship Group. They provide formal and informal mentorship to SIFP Fellows and innovate academic programming throughout the year.

Elizabeth Badger

  • Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Office: West College, Room 220

Swati Bhatt

  • Lecture in Economics
Phone: 609-258-4501
Office: 202B Julis Room Rabinowitz Buidling

Kate Fukawa Connelly

  • Director, Health Professions Advising

Stefan Eich

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Politics. Perkins-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows.
Phone: 609-258-8858
Office: 204 Scheide Caldwell House

Sonja A Francis

  • Lecturer in Chemistry
Phone: 609-258-6746
Office: Frick Laboratory, Room A26

Khristina Gonzalez

  • Director of FSI, Associate Dean of the College, and Director of Programs for Access and Inclusion
Phone: 609-258-1013
Fax: 609-986-5824
Office: 36 University Place, Suite 350

Dannelle Gutarra Cordero

  • Lecturer in Princeton Writing Program

Andy Hakim

  • Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program
Office: Lauritzen Hall

Heather Howard

  • Director, State Health Reform Assistance Network, Woodrow Wilson School
  • Lecturer in Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School
Office: 341 Wallace Hall

Christy Kahler

  • Program Administrator
Phone: 609-258-5903
Fax: 609-986-5824
Office: 36 University Place, Suite 350

Russ Leo

  • Assistant Professor, Department of English
Office: B53 McCosh Hall

Paul Nadal

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Program in American Studies. Lecturer in American Studies.
Phone: 609-258-8432
Office: B29 McCosh Hall

Maria Papadakis

  • Program Manager, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Office: Dickinson Hall, Room 113

Seth A. Perry

  • Assistant Professor of Religion. Melancthon W. Jacobus University Preceptor in Religion
Phone: 609-258-2346
Office: Religion 1879 Hall

Paul Prucnal

  • Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Office: B314 Engineering Quad B-Wing

Rebecca E. Rainof

  • Research Scholar, English.
Phone: 609-258-6673
Office: B41 mcCosh Hall

Alejandro W. Rodriguez

  • Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Phone: 609-258-8962
Office: B318 engineering Quad B-Wing

Evan M. Schneider

  • Program Coordinator, Pace Center
Phone: 609-258-7443
Office: 201E Frist Campus Center

Keith Shaw

  • Director of Transfer, Veteran, and Non-Traditional Student Programs
Phone: 609-258-2031
Fax: 609-986-5824
Office: 36 University Place, Suite 350

Ashlee Shaw

  • Associate Director for the Scholars Institute Fellows Program
Phone: 609-258-8837
Fax: 609-986-5824
Office: 36 University Place, Suite 350

Erin Vearnecombe

  • Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program
Office: D012 Lauritzen Hall

Matt Weiner

  • Associate Dean, Office of the Dean of Religious Life
Office: 26 Murray Theater