Carolyn Ureña

Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program
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213 New South

Carolyn Ureña teaches a writing seminar on the cultural and biological meanings of contagion. During the summer, she taught the humanities seminar “Ways of Knowing” in the Freshman Scholars Institute. Carolyn is a first generation college graduate and a proud Princeton alumna from 2008, where she earned her A.B. in Comparative Literature. She went on to receive her Master’s in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park, and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Rutgers. Her research explores the intersection of the medical humanities, disability studies, and the lived experience of race and coloniality.  Carolyn loves all things Sci-Fi and Horror with some of her recent favorites being The Three Body Problem, The Thing, and The Expanse. Schedule an appointment on Carolyn’s WASE calendar here.