Program Requirements

Scholars Institute Fellows must:

  • Attend four workshops per semester. These events include SIFP workshops on themes like “Choosing a Major;” “Applying to Summer Internships;” “Workshopping Your Resume;” “Best Study Strategies for Midterms/Finals;” brown-bag discussions with faculty members; discussion groups on health professions; book club discussions, etc.
  • Complete a Fellows Reflection after attending each event and submit it to their designated Head Fellow.
  • Attend a weekly Mentorship Group meeting with their Head Fellow.
  • Attend required 1-1 mentorship meetings with Faculty fellows, PAI staff, and residential college staff.
  • With the support of the program, find and participate in a summer enrichment experience during the summer (for instance, a summer seminar, internship, or work/study abroad experience) and write a short reflection about the experience at the start of the fall.
  • Provide mentorship to future generations of SIFP Fellows.