FSI MOL Course Fellow

Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI)

Laboratory Research in the Life Sciences (MOL 152)

Course Fellow Job Description
Summer 2020


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Freshman Scholars Institute: Program Overview

FSI is a seven-week summer program that allows a cohort of entering students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester. During the program, Freshman Scholars immerse themselves in the intellectually vibrant culture at Princeton through seminar-style courses and laboratory experiences. They engage with fellow scholars in a variety of co-curricular, community-building activities, and work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines and fields. By experiencing early the many resources that Princeton has to offer, Freshman Scholars have the chance to prepare themselves to be future campus leaders and peer mentors. In the summer of 2020, FSI will begin on June 27th (Saturday) and conclude on August 14th (Friday). 


Laboratory Research in the Life Sciences (MOL 152): Course Description

“Laboratory Research in the Life Sciences” (MOL 152) is an experiential lab course in which students engage in original laboratory research. Although lecture and discussion are incorporated as needed, by far the largest part of the course consists of authentic hands-on research carried out by student teams. Students learn how to perform essential laboratory techniques, to design experiments, and to analyze and interpret experimental data. Students gain experience in both written and oral presentation of scientific results.


MOL Course Fellow: Position Description


MOL Course Fellows are experienced peers learners who work with students enrolled in MOL 152. Fellows facilitate group study both in and out of classroom time in order to help introduce students to the foundational quantitative, analytic, and writing skills they will encounter in MOL 152 and throughout their career at Princeton. Fellows will also help students gain strategies for successfully approaching complex and long-term assignments and will assist students while they work on experiment design and execution and lab reports.  


Training and Pedagogy Symposium

Course Fellows will also participate in an inclusive pedagogy course. In this seminar, students will learn research-based approaches to inclusive, student-centered teaching in STEM and non-STEM fields, and reflect on and apply their own teaching and learning experiences.

In addition, Course Fellows will meet with members of the MOL 152 teaching team to discuss course progress (approximately 2 hours per week of the program); lead supplemental weekly study group or tutoring sessions with students on nights and weekends; attend some lab sessions, and contribute overall to a welcoming and inclusive academic community during FSI.

Total Commitment: ~30 hours/week


MOL Course Fellows will receive:

  • Room and board during the FSI term, beginning June 22 and ending August 21. You are responsible for your own housing beginning 5pm on August 21.
  • A small stipend of $350
  • Mentorship from the MOL faculty, McGraw staff, and the FSI administrators.
  • Intensive training through participation in the Inclusive Pedagogy Symposium
  • Teaching experience with a diverse undergraduate population


Pre-FSI commitment

FSI Fellows should plan to spend approximately 8-10 hours preparing for FSI in April and May on the following activities:

  • Attending professional development trainings and staff meetings
  • Attending a pre-course workshop on inclusive pedagogy, including the completion of a set of readings.

FSI Commitment

Course Fellows should plan to be in residence and remain on campus from June 22 to August 15. They will spend approximately 30 hours per week on the following responsibilities:

  • Attending and participating in a 2-day training on July 24 and 25
  • Attending and helping to facilitate FSI Orientation on July 28 and 29
  • Serving as a peer mentor during lab in order to help facilitate student learning and application of course materials to lab work and experiment design.
  • Completing a pedagogy course and all related coursework
  • Attending and participating in ongoing professional development trainings and weekly staff meetings to discuss course progress
  • Assisting students while they study, read and work on lab reports and problem sets.
  • Leading supplemental weekly study group or tutoring sessions at night and on weekends as designated by the faculty.
  • Providing mentorship, curricular and co-curricular support to Freshman Scholars
  • Other research obligations as designed by faculty members
  • Participate in a SIFP summer mentorship group
  • Attending and helping to facilitate FSI Reorientation on August 13 and 14

Required Dates/Times

MOL Course: M, T, TH (1:30-4:30); F (9-12)

MOL Study Sessions (3 evenings/week, tbd)
Colloquia and Family Dinner – Wednesday evenings
2-day FSI Staff Training – June 25 and 26
FSI Orientation – June 28 and 29
Re-Orientation Workshops: August 13 and 14
All Community Closing BBQ: August 14


  • Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who have previously enrolled in and completed MOL152 and have completed MOL214
  • Mature undergraduate students with a passion for mentoring and teaching
  • Candidates should possess strong laboratory, quantitative, and critical thinking and writing skills
  • Candidates should have strong Excel skills


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