Kevin Hudson ‘97

Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017
by jfaires

Meet FSI alum Kevin Hudson ‘97!

Kevin Hudson ‘97 grew up not too far away from campus in East Orange, NJ. At Princeton, he majored in Sociology with a focus on power dynamics and education, and received certificates in American Studies and African American Studies. Hudson chose Princeton not only because it was the best university in the country, but also because it had a “community vibe” – that is, it was a research university with the feel of a small liberal arts college.

As an incoming freshman, Hudson participated in the Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI), which was then called FSOP (Freshman Summer Orientation Program). Back in those days, he met fellow students from similar backgrounds and learned how to navigate Princeton before stepping foot into his courses. Hudson’s favorite FSI memories involve the relationships formed and camaraderie experienced with other students he met that summer.

While at Princeton, Hudson lived in Mathey College. He was also Chair of the Third World Center (now the Carl A. Fields Center), a Minority Affairs Adviser (he helped minorities adapt within residential colleges), and a student ambassador in the Admissions Office (he processed college applications). Through these activities, Hudson realized he loved Princeton mainly because he was surrounded by so many talented people who had a range of passions and were extremely smart yet down-to-earth.

For Hudson, students should never underestimate the power of networking alongside hard work. If he could change something about the school, he’d make it a place underrepresented students feel they can thrive and navigate successfully. He recommends that students take full advantage of Princeton’s resources, try new things and meet new people from diverse backgrounds.

At A Glance: Kevin Hudson ‘97

Major: Sociology

Certificate(s): American Studies and African American Studies

Residential College: Mathey

Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity: Kevin enjoys a range of activities, but enjoys dancing to NJ club/house mixes and good conversation with friends. He also greatly enjoys basketball, but plans to become a better golfer.

Favorite Class at Princeton: Unable to identify one course that stood out to him, Kevin appreciates all of the learning opportunities to grapple with new and old ideas that were granted to him.

If you could be any building on campus, which building would you be and why: The Carl A. Fields Center because it represents an immense amount of diversity in a place of great privilege.

You can contact Kevin by email at: