Jared Crooks ’11 *15

Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017
by jfaires

Meet FSI alum Jared Crooks ’11 *15!

Ever since he was little, Jared Crooks wondered about the stars and what was “up there.” Ultimately, his other-worldly curiosity led him to Princeton’s phenomenal Astrophysics program.

Coming all the way from Fort Worth, Texas, Crooks completed a certificate in Planets and Life in addition to majoring in Astrophysics at Princeton. He also went on to complete his M.A. in Engineering and M.P.A. in International Policy at Princeton in 2015. Today, he is an Associate Engineer for SES Satellites, a satellite operator that provides satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate, and government customers.

Though he lived in Butler College, Crooks became an honorary “Terran” in his upperclass years (that is, he was a member of the Terrace eating club). His best memories at Princeton were his experiences meeting other students, especially during the Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI). He remembers the famed post-midterm summer trip to NYC with particular fondness because it was his first time to the Big Apple.

While at Princeton, Crooks played on the varsity tennis team and participated in a range of activities. He served as the Director of the Gospel Ensemble, a member of WPRB (a student-run radio station), President of the Astrobiology Club, and board member for the Priorities Committee. Crooks also traveled widely while at Princeton, studying abroad in South Africa, Tunisia, and China, which he deemed eye-opening, life-changing experiences.

When considering what he enjoyed most about Princeton, Crooks reminds us that the people you meet at college are unforgettable and can become very precious if you allow them to. The most important thing he learned here was how to truly think critically, in both academic and non- academic situations.

Crooks recommends that current undergraduates take full advantage of FSI, SIFP, and similar organizations that can have a positive influence on our Princeton experience. He believes it ideal to take advantage of all opportunities presented because you never know when you’ll get those chances again!

At A Glance: Jared Crooks ’11 *15

Major: Astrophysics (Undergrad – 2011), MAE (Graduate – 2015), Woodrow Wilson (Graduate – 2015)

Certificate(s): Planets and Life

Residential College: Butler

Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity: Princeton University Gospel Ensemble

Favorite Class at Princeton: tie between “The Language of Cinema” and “Human Evolution”

If you could be any building on campus, which building would you be and why: Frist because it’s always filled with a diverse group of people, who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Contact Jared at: Jared.a.crooks@gmail.com