Dinner with 12 Tigers featuring Jenny Korn '96

Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 6:00 pm
36 University Place, Suite 200 (Center for Career Development Lounge)
All SIFP Fellows
Center for Career Development

Meet Jenny Korn ’96. An activist, scholar and optimist, Jenny is coming back to campus for a dinner to talk with students about identity (including being from the south and the daughter of immigrants), diversity and the challenges of Princeton. Dinner with 12 Tigers is a series that bring together current students and alumni of similar underrepresented backgrounds (race, identity, culture, first-gen, low socioeconomic status and more) for candid conversation over a meal. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. See this young cis-woman of color dressed in the garb of the P-rade Marshal? She wants to meet with 12 Tigers to discuss any topic that interests you.  

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