SIFProfessionals is an application-only, supplementary SIFP track for FLI juniors and seniors. Through SIFProfessionals, we have revamped our programming calendar to provide more upperclassmen-specific and #adulting-type workshops and events for students. All students in the SIFProfessionals program must attend weekly accountability group meetings, which will be facilitated by a graduate student fellow in our office. A student in good standing with SIFProfessionals will gain priority access/access-only to professional development funds, GRE test prep classes, DMV permit or license funding, SIFP free swim lessons, and more! 

What are the requirements?

  1. Students must attend AT LEAST 75% of their upperclassmen weekly accountability groups throughout the semester.

  2. Students must complete "HALP" requirements by attending four (4) SIFP co-curricular workshops advertised in our weekly digest

  3. Students must attend and submit reflections for an additional 3 SIFProfessional-approved workshops per semester (these include workshops around topics like understanding and learning how to build your credit score, personal finance, and decoding the hidden knowledge around job interviews):

    1. AT LEAST two professional development workshops,

    2. AT LEAST one #adulting SIFProfessional-specific workshop

  4. Students must meet 1:1 with a PAI staff member at least once per semester to check on their progress in the SIFProfessionals program.

  5. Students must meet 1:1 with a career adviser in the Center for Career Development at least once in the academic year.

What are the perks you have access to in the SIFProfessional program?

  • Acceptance into the SIFProfessionals program yields the following benefits:

    • Priority for SIFPub networking events (in the past, these have taken place at Winberies and Triumph) to connect with alumni, peers, and staff

    • Priority for SIFP Swim Classes

    • Priority access to GRE Test Prep classes through SIFP (textbooks included)

    • Priority access to personalized life skills workshops on understanding and building your credit score, buying your first apartment, managing personal finance, etc.

  • Students who complete ALL conditions of SIFProfessionals (that is, students who are in good standing with BOTH SIFP *and* SIFProfessionals) will have access to:

    • Professional development funds (which can be used to reimburse the full or partial cost of your MCAT/GRE/LSAT test, application fees, or funding professional development clothes)

    • Funds to reimburse permit or driving test fees at the DMV as well as transportation to DMV testing center

How do I join?

Admission into the SIFProfessional program is through application-only. You can access the application HERE

The application will close on Friday, September 27th at midnight and candidates will be notified the following week as to the status of their application. (Important Note: Even if you signed up for SIFP using the mentor collective link, this does not automatically mean you have gained admission into SIFProfessionals. You must complete the google form linked HERE, in order to be considered for admission to the program. All accepted SIFProfessionals will be asked to complete the formal mentor collective link so that we can assign everyone to their upperclassmen SIFP accountability groups.)


Do I need to have previously been a part of SIFP to apply for SIFProfessionals?

No. All first-gen and/or low-income upperclassmen are encouraged to apply for SIFProfessionals. However, special consideration will be given to junior and senior applicants who have remained in good standing with SIFP.

Do I need to apply to SIFProfessionals to be a part of the general SIFP program as an upperclassman?

No. SIFProfessionals is a supplementary upperclassman track that is application-only. If a student does not think they can make the commitment to fulfill all SIFProfessionals requirements, they can join SIFP using THIS LINK and still have access to the weekly accountability group meetings, SIFP workshops, and community field trips.

I already completed the mentor collective SIFP sign up link. Do I still need to complete the google form to be considered for SIFProfessionals?

Yes. All students who completed SIFP registration by signing up through the mentor collective system will be invited to apply for SIFProfessionals via email. You must complete THIS GOOGLE FORM to be considered for SIFProfessionals. Upon acceptance, all students who have not yet completed the mentor collective SIFP registration will be required to do so in order to be assigned to their accountability groups. 

Can I just participate in the SIFProfessionals program independently from SIFP?

No. All students must sign up for weekly accountability groups through SIFP’s mentor collective platform, complete SIFP’s general four (4) co-curricular HALP workshop requirements and three (3) SIFProfessionals #adulting workshops, and their required 1:1 meetings.

I don’t have time for SIFProfessionals this semester, but I would like to do it next semester. Can I still join?

Yes! Spring 2019 applications will open after Spring 2019 SIFP applications.